My Businesses

Engineering Outfitters

In July 2016, I founded Engineering Outfitters as a follow-up to my first E-commerce store, Wagner Adventure Supplies. With Engineering Outfitters, I have been able to apply past lessons learned more effectively to the new business.

I’m passionate about engineering and love the idea of helping other engineers share their passions, one T-Shirt at a time! 🙂 I have self-taught graphic design skills for making vector art in order to create the T-shirt designs and have worked on refining my marketing and advertising skills in order to reach the perfect audience for my products.

If you use the code “LifeOfAnEngineer” on Engineering Outfitters, you will receive 20% of of your order!



Wagner Adventure Supplies

Wagner Adventure Supplies

In November 2015, I founded Wagner Adventure Supplies with the hopes of creating a successful Ecommerce business. While I have found that it is sometimes incredibly hard, it is also equally rewarding. Everyday I learn something new about how to run a business. I plan to use continually improve this business for about 6 months before evaluating next steps, whether that be continuing to run this business or try a new product niche.

One of the best things about my experiences as an entrepreneur is that everything that I have learned can be reapplied to future business ideas.




Conquer Excel

Conquer Excel is another side project that I hope to develop in the coming years as a Microsoft Excel tutorial website with available paid consultation services. I enjoy using Excel in my work and have seen how useful it can be. My goal with this business is to help others conquer Excel and realize it’s full potential!
Conquer Excel

…and hopefully more to come!