Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Eric Wagner and I’m a graduate from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy taking on leadership roles and helping others discover their passions. I am an honest and hardworking individual and bring a creative twist to the table. I am a highly motivated professional looking to increase my skillset and network with other like minded individuals.

If you are familiar with StrengthsFinder or StrengthsQuest, my top strengths are:
1) Relator  2) Learner  3) Analytical  4) Maximizer  5) Achiever.
(Descriptions can be found here.)

I have taken my strengths to heart and found ways to make myself the best individual that I can be. Through and through, I know myself to be an engineer who is looking to accomplish great feats, but also as someone who can appreciate the smaller details of the profession, such as collaborating with others. I am skilled in project management, data analysis, professional development, troubleshooting, and customer service with interests in manufacturing, operations, consulting, system integration, and strategic planning. I am always open to new opportunities and am excited for what the future holds!

  • Communication Skills 100% 100%
  • Critical Thinking 90% 90%
  • Leadership 85% 85%
  • Team Building 90% 90%







Eric has been the webmaster for my company’s website and he has always gone above and beyond with his role. Early on, he helped me develop a procedure that I could follow to update my website, which is crucial in the global marketplace. More recently, he has introduced a service called WordPress for my website and has simplified the process even further while including additional features such as web traffic monitoring and website security.

My company, Pompano Equipment Corp., was originally founded by my father more than 40 years ago and more recently had to transition into the digital world. Eric helped ensure that my company still had the edge it needed to effectively compete on the global scale and provide my customers, wherever they may be located, with the best possible experience. I could not have asked for a better person to help me manage my website.

Bryant Moyer

Owner, Pompano Equipment Corp.

I can heartily recommend Eric’s work as a Manufacturing Engineering Intern – as I have witnessed his work ethic, preparation, thoroughness, and follow-through on a first-hand basis. He possesses a well above average ability to grasp multiple new concepts or situations, and then manages to not only survive – but thrive in that environment. Although one of the most telling measures of his value to our team will be the noticeable impact of his departure to our operations — we are fortunate that we will derive a great degree of utility and efficiency from the improvements he made to our data and metric-reporting infrastructure. In sum, Eric is a top-flight individual who has high personal standards – and his work reflects it.

Doug Cantu

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin

Eric demonstrated a high level of maturity for an intern and demonstrated abilities normally associated with a level 1 engineer several months into working full time. He quickly utilized superb project management, time management and engineering skills to deliver a new prototype nozzle design within a month while managing to take part in multiple meetings, on-the-floor demonstrations, and random tasks to help with team projects requiring interacting with multiple teams. Eric displayed a very quick ability to not only learn and absorb new ideas, projects and technology but also actively asked questions, identified ways to be involved and took responsibility for various tasks without having to request him to do so. Due to all of these skills, we were able to use Eric as another level 1-type engineer on the laser projects this summer without hesitation – getting us through a crucial time period on our project schedule.

Nick Davidson

Applications Engineer Team Lead, Lockheed Martin

In the span of a year, Eric has proven himself to be a top performing participant of the Operations Leadership development program at Lockheed Martin. Eric’s work performance is well above his level and has proven himself to be a true asset to Lockheed. In his first year, Eric has already made an impression on several leaders throughout the company. He is constantly looking to add value and create innovative and time saving ways to conduct business. Eric gives a 100% to all tasks assigned to him and is always willing to help a coworker whether it is with improving a process or helping to cover their work assignments when needed. He steps up to the plate time and time again to ensure success for the team. Eric not only gives a 100% to his work assignments but he also makes time to recognize his team members whether that be through the companies recognition process or bringing donuts for birthdays. Eric also goes out of his way to share value added feedback with his team on trainings, setting up on-site team lunches, and after hour events. Through all of these actions Eric has been able to help improve the teams moral. Eric has made himself an integral part of the team and has created several new tools/processes to reduce cost and save time. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Eric as I know he has a successful career ahead of him.

Kaylee Dawkins

Project Management Supervisor, Lockheed Martin

Eric Wagner is an exemplary Resident Assistant (RA) in the Department of Housing and Residence Education at the University of Florida. I have supervised Eric in his role as an RA beginning in Spring 2014 and he continually excels within the position. Notable professional attributes include:

• Collaborative and positive attitude with staff
• Supportive of students and engaging to build a positive community for residents
• Balance between work and school

Erin White

Graduate Hall Director, University of Florida Department of Housing

I had the pleasure of working with Eric who interned within the Manufacturing Technology Department at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in an effort directly related to the enhancement of production aircraft. He worked alongside me and my colleagues tasked with developing and integrating laser ablation cleaning technology to prepare aircraft components for bonding.

Eric quickly earned the respect of our staff with his thoughtful input and suggestions for improvements to the laser ablation projects – So much so that he accompanied our team on two business trips to support integration activities at the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics manufacturing facility in Marietta, Georgia. He displayed and utilized a broad array of technical knowledge in areas such as manufacturing engineering, additive manufacturing, laser technology, and materials engineering. I also saw Eric demonstrate strong, essential interpersonal skills that are required to be effective when working with multiple personalities across various business functions.

I would gladly have Eric on my team again if given the chance and know he will be very successful in his career path. It is a wise move to consider him at the top of your list for opportunities as he will exceed your expectations as he did ours.

Michael Stoddard

Applications Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Eric reported directly to me during his internship with Frito-Lay and was a great addition to our team. Eric is an independent worker and is able to self-start on his projects as needed. He asked for occasional feedback, but was able to work through his projects by leveraging our front-line workers and other team members. Eric worked with a variety of personalities, both in a traditional office setting and on the production floor, throughout his internship. Being able to do that successfully speaks to Eric’s strong communication skills and ability to work well on a team. He listened & asked for input from all levels of the team doing his project work. Frito-Lay is a fast-paced work environment and Eric was able to adapt what he was working on to meet the needs of our team. He also took on a last minute project assignment half way through his internship pulling together a training program for the site that was a huge win.

Joe DeGregorio

Safety & Quality Manager, Frito-Lay (PepsiCo)

Eric reported directly to me during his OLDP rotation in Supply Chain Management. Eric is an independent worker and is able to self-start on his projects as needed. He utilized his problem solving and critical thinking skills to become familiar with what we do in SCM and provide solutions to my team’s struggles. Eric has implemented two very successful automation projects that will save the organization time and money. Eric seeks feedback and most importantly acts on any constructive feedback. He has been a valuable team player and is a unique engineer in that he has the business acumen and social skills to bring it all together for any level of management to understand and get behind any project/task he manages. Eric will add value to wherever he lands. He far exceeded any expectations I had during his rotation.

Alicia DeLario

Commodity Manager - Airframe, Lockheed Martin


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