It was recently announced that the UF College of Engineering would be receiving $50 Million (with an M) from a single donor, the largest cash donation ever at the University of Florida. The person that helped make it possible? Dr. Herbert Wertheim.

Dr. Wertheim prefers to go by Herby and I had the pleasure to hear him speak several times today. He was a practicing physician for many years as well as an inventor. His company, Brain Power Inc., produces eye lenses with coloring that reduces UV exposure and cataracts. In person, Herby is quite the character. He can always be seen sporting his red fedora that he acquired from a trip to Ecuador some years ago and is quick to tell a good story. His wife of 40+ years, Nicole, whom Herby also calls his “girwlfriend”, was present during all of the festivities as well.

It was a great day for UF as the College was renamed the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering.

More importantly, it was a great day to be a Gator Engineer. Go Gators!

Me rocking a Gator fedora


Dr Wertheim with Gator Engineers

The stage is set for the event. Orange and blue fedoras were included.

Dr. Wertheim receiving his own Gator Football jersey

Wertheim waving to the many supporters in attendance