Day 16/17: A Bit of Work and a Time Study

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After my first two weeks, I’m finally getting the hang of working for Mickey Mouse. The work I do is satisfying and I enjoy working all of my coworkers and peers. After work and a quick nap today, I went to Epcot with my roommates for a quick ride on Mission Space and to purchase some Magic Bands to fully complete our experience as Disney employees/guests. Magic Bands are rubber wrist straps that contain radio transmitters that, once setup correctly, can allow one to enter the parks, use fastpasses, and even make purchases. They will definetly come in handy for the remaining 16 weeks here in Orlando. On Saturday, I completed my first time study and while it was hard to be on my feet for hours on end, it was great to experience the Disney magic firsthand at the Animal Kingdom Lodge: Jambo House!