Day 22: Perks of the Job

Day 22: Perks of the Job

After being a few projects into my role, I’m slowly picking up all of the other aspects of this internship position, including the obvious benefits of being able to ride rollercoasters after I leave work!  

Day 16/17: A Bit of Work and a Time Study

After my first two weeks, I’m finally getting the hang of working for Mickey Mouse. The work I do is satisfying and I enjoy working all of my coworkers and peers. After work and a quick nap today, I went to Epcot with my roommates for a quick ride on Mission...

Day 7: My First Project!

I finally got my hands on my first bit of work today and am super excited to get the ball rolling. Can’t say a whole lot, but it feels great to be a Disney Engineer 🙂