My Brief Trip to Texas

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I was recently called out to Fort Worth for a job interview and had a wonderful time throughout the journey. The trip itself was not terribly strenuous, but 4 flights in 48 hours did begin to take it’s toll on me near the end. While I cannot say too much about the interview itself, it went well overall and I even had time to try new things while in Texas. (In-and-out burger has been checked off of my bucket list) Between making friends on planes and exploring the city of Fort Worth itself, my trip was an excellent success and am very humbled to have been selected for the job interview.

2014-11-02 Texas Truck
My trusty rental Nissan Frontier
2014-11-02 Texas Airport
One of the very impressive airports that I had a layover at.
2014-11-03 In n Out
My first trip to In n’ Out Burger!