It’s Career Showcase Time Once Again

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2014-10-01 11.20.11
Career Showcase is the once-a-semester event that affects a great deal of students across the University of Florida. For many, it means suiting up, printing a stack of resumes, and setting off to the O’Connell Center. Over the course of two days (non-technical and technical), thousands of students speak to representatives from hundreds of companies from a wide array of industries. Even so, the circus atmosphere has become almost comfortable for me int the past 2 years. “5th time is the charm” I keep telling myself and I can only wait and see what opportunities arise after my productive day today.

To all of the recruiters and representatives that I spoke to today, I thank you for your time and diligence as I understand the endurance of a selections process. I enjoyed speaking with each one of you and wanted to thank you for browsing my site if you happened to visit!