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Exercise is a very fair weather activity. It’s incredibly easy to incorporate into your schedule and have around when you’re in shape, but sometimes an uncomfortable thought after a long dry spell from the gym. Before last week, I had not had deliberate exercise for several months (not something I am proud of). Given, I biked to and from class and did my best to not have a horrible diet. However, I wanted to jump back on the horse so to speak. I wanted to start working out again and so the search began….

After a little bit of research, I rediscovered that the Android play store has many, many apps dedicated to health and exercise. I have sampled a few in the past with results that were lackluster. I found a webpage that listed a number of highly rated apps and eventually found “Workout Trainer”. I downloaded it and set up an account but waited to start my  progress for my training goal (it prompted me to set a number of workout days per week as a goal).

The following day, I gave the app a second glance and found a number of preassembled workouts waiting me. I selected one that focused on strengthening upper body muscles and went for it. 12 minutes later, I felt great and was satisfied with how the app walked me through the workout with an encouraging virtual trainer. Each step of the workout had a visual demonstration of the particular move and an audio description of how to complete it. I was amazed. I did another workout that focused on different muscles and then another after that. Not even an hour had passed. I felt great and couldn’t believe that an app helped me there in less than 60 seconds.

I used Workout Trainer to meet my goal of two workouts in a weeks and saw definite gains. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to meet a fitness goal of any kind. Workout Trainer is a great way to get the ball rolling and nothing comes close. Available on app store and play store with free and paid versions.