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DJ 51 Builds a Perfect Party Playlist...

Check Out The Original Post Over On Life Hacker Android/iOS: DJ 51 uses shared music from your Spotify account and from all of your friends’ accounts to build the perfect playlist for your party, study session, or any other get-together. As long as everyone’s shares music through the app, DJ 51 mixes it all into […]

MIT Figured Out How To 3D Print Using...

Check out the original article over on Engadget Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology unveiled a new 3D printing method on Friday that employs transparent glass as precursor instead of plastic. The method, called G3DP, works basically the same way that conventional 3D printing does though the team found that they could modulate the light […]

Google DeepMind: Ground-breaking Alph...

The content of this article is attributed to the video below. 2828 In a paper published in Nature on 28th January 2016, we describe a new approach to computer Go. This is the first time ever that a computer program “AlphaGo” has defeated a human professional player. The game of Go is widely viewed as […]

Another Day of Volunteering: The 2016...

I went out to the Texas Motor Speedway this afternoon to help support the bike riders in the 2016 Tour De Cure, a charity biking event to help raise money and awareness for the cure of diabetes. All in all, it was a great time hanging out with some other interns and supporting a great […]

Podcast Review: How Electronic Stock ...

Original Podcast by Planet Money (NPR) “#396: A Father Of High-Speed Trading Thinks We Should Slow Down“. This podcast was a great listen. The gentleman that NP discusses in this podcast, Thomas Peterffy, is one of the richest men in the world and he made the first portion of his wealth by option trading. Back in […]

Are Plastic Roads The Next Big Thing?

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How Does Google Translate Work?

A Ping-pong Playing Robot

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The Rochester Cloak

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Google Project Sunroof Makes Solar Pa...

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